In 2019, we had over 13 performance opportunities, grew our artistic partnerships, gained new company and project-based dancers, and we are excited to announce... 

Crossroads Dance Indy is officially a 501(c)(3) organization! 

We are grateful for this new journey that will allow us to continue to grow our artistic partnerships; to offer open classes; to provide choreographic and performance opportunities for Indy dancers; and to advocate the arts through community connections. 

Art is created by individuals, but it is given life by a community. Will you consider being a part of our story? You can support us at

A sincere thank you to all who support CDI - from our first rehearsal in May 2015 to this new journey today. Wherever you met us on the road, we are so grateful. 

Brittany Gaither, Artistic Director

Taylor Brown, Executive Director
Sammi Bowyer, Membership Coordinator
Nicole Dean, Performance Coordinator
and all of us at Crossroads Dance Indy

Logo by our Graphic Specialist Daniella Conti