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Sources & Credits

Sources for "Fun & Games": News and Updates

Sources and Credits for It's All Fun & Games

Roll the Dice

Choreographer: Sammi Kindler

Music:  Audio from 1983 Milton Bradley Yahtzee Game Commercial; Jubilation by Jules Gaia

Cards We're Dealt

Choreographer: Nicole Popovich

Music: Time Lapse Ludovico Einaudi

The View from the Window

Choreographer: Paisley Gibson

Music: Las Vegas Turnaround by Hall & Oates; Luck Be a Lady by Barbara Streisand


Choreographer: Brittany Gaither

Music: Rhayader Goes to Town by Camel, Wrestling Crowd Cheering by Wrestling Sounds,

Head Start

Choreographer: Ashleigh Southline

Music: Privilege Exercise-Lisa Adams YouTube 2017; “Truth to Tell” by Big Score Audio

When Was It All Just Make-Believe?

Choreographer: Katie Porras

Music: Inevitable Instrumental by Lauren Daigle; Unstable Instrumental by Anberlin


Choreographer: Hannah LaBoyteaux

Music: Romani Holiday by Hans Zimmer

Ghosts in the Graveyard

Choreographer: Dani Conti

Music: Red Riding Hood by Peter Gundry

Define Pretty

Choreographer: Clarice Nolan

Music: The 1995 Pretty Pretty Princess Commercial Audio; Someday My Prince Will Come by Emile Pandolfi; Not My Responsibility by Billie Eilish

Dance Dance Finale
Choreographer: Brittany Gaither

Music: Vol. 4/ Single/ SSR - Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix, Flashdance (What a Feeling)/Single/SSR - Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix, [DDR SuperNOVA] CENTERFOLD (130BPM move it to remix)

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